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Pinned topic How do I change mount point of a shared FS

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I've got a two-node active passive HACMP 6.1 which runs on two AIX 6.1 boxes.
I have a КП that has a shared VG which, in turn, has a shared file system. I wanted to remount that system to a new the mount point by means of HACMP c-SPOC, but eventually failed to do so. Once I change mount point in the FS characteristics dialog, HACMP said "OK", but nothing happened. I tried to bring RG offline, to bring cluster servervices offline on both nodes, nothing helped either way.
I feel I stuck at this point.
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    Re: How do I change mount point of a shared FS


    I had a similar issue with PowerHA 5.5, after trying to rename the mount point with cl_chfs and via smit it would not work. I suspected that could be a bug and opened a PMR with IBM. Their answer was that function is not supported and they had to update the command line and smit commands to reflect that (i.e disable the -m flag from command line and remove the smit screens).

    Hope this helps,