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Pinned topic Wasce doesnt free memory

‏2012-10-29T14:33:03Z |

I'have an application running in a server WASCE, and i have to restarted it twice or three times a day because it seems not to free memory, the JVM has 2,7 Go assigned and when the memory arrive a 2,3 Go le application crash!

Could someone know why is this happened, i ask the developpement team, and of course, it is not the application.....
Start Time Mon Oct 29 15:00:21 MET 2012
Up Time 14 minutes 22 seconds

Operating System
Architecture sparc
Name SunOS
Version 5.10
Patch Level unknown
Locale en_null

Java Version 1.6.0_21
Java Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
Node tully5/
Current Memory Used 674,48 MB
Most Memory Used 694,9 MB
Total Memory Allocated 2,67 GB
Available Processors 32
And my is like that:

_export JAVA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx3072m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -agentpath:/logiciel/wce2.1/bin/
FN2-WAS, -Duvrci.confpath=/logiciel/applis/pfn/v_wasce/uvrci_config -Duvrci-log4j.configuratio
n=/logiciel/applis/pfn/v_wasce/uvrci_config/ -Duploadpath.configuration=/logiciel/applis/pfn/v_wasce/uvrci
_config/ -Xloggc:/logiciel/applis/pfn/logs/W01AS01/garbage.log"

Thank You
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