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Pinned topic Adding Shell project to RTC source control.

‏2012-10-29T12:15:14Z |
I experience the following problem when trying to check-in my new Shell project with Android environment to RTC source control:
Files under /android/native/gen/${packageDirectory} and /android/nativeEmptyApp/gen/comm/<shell_name> folders are reported as missing, when I try to check them in. (I see the files in 'Pending Changes' view, but I fail to check in them).

I relate this behavior to the fact that the files are ignored because of resource location filter: .native..gen.* attached to each WL project.
BTW, in Eclipse with WL Studio installed, if I delete resource filter above, it's set back automatically.

So my questions are:
  • Should I put files above under source control?
  • In a case I don't put these files under source control, how do I re-generate them?

Note: for now I put all the other files under /android/native/ folder to source control.


Dmitri Pikus.
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    Re: Adding Shell project to RTC source control.

    hi Dmitri, you don't need to check in the native/gen folders to the source control since they will be dynamically generated during build (by the way this folder is an artifact of the builder from Android Developer Tools). So you can feel safe about skipping them from the check in.

    So the pending changes view showing them despite the filter must have been a defect on RTC client side. if you can reproduce this please open a defect on