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Pinned topic Rhapsody 8 and ReporterPLUS question

‏2012-10-29T11:51:39Z |

Does anyone know what restrictions there are on reporting with ReporterPLUS when you are working with a model on the server?
I must start by saying I do not have a Design Manager installation at the moment so I am shooting in the dark a bit, however here goes, I cannot see an option to open a server model in Reporter PLUS nor can I see any of the new model artefacts (e.g. the "sketch" or "external requirement" to name but two).
Does this mean that if you host your models on the server you are forced to use the Rational Reporting Engine for any documents you may require?

I know that during the webinar with Rick Bolt introducing us to the spectacular new interconnected Rhapsody world I asked if you could use ReporterPLUS still and he said it was still there, which, thinking about it now, I realise may not mean you'll be able to use it on the server models.

Does anyone know if I'll have to rewrite all our carefully crafted reports in a product we don't yet use understand or own to move to this new world?

Signed a ReporterPLUS user (who suspects he knows the answer)
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    Re: Rhapsody 8 and ReporterPLUS question

    Your suspicions serve you well. ReporterPlus should still work in the same way it works today in conjunction with the Rhapsody desktop client. Reporter Plus does not generate reports off the server - this is true in both managed model mode and SCM mode on Design Manager. But the reporting tool RPE has alot of functionality lacking in ReporterPLUS....such as local variables!

    All the best.
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    Re: Rhapsody 8 and ReporterPLUS question

    I thought as much so time to start rewriting and buying more licences :(

    Still variables :) how long have I been asking for that in reporterPLUS, years and years, I thought they didn't understand why we wanted it but they must have been saving it for an extra licence fee.