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Pinned topic WSRR with Websphere ESB

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I have installed WSRR v7.5 and WAS 7.0.0 in my m/c to explore WSRR.I can design models ,policies,lifecycles thru it,but still not able to get the full picture where WSRR exactly sits in Websphere overall stack i.e. do we link the actual processes and services implemented in WSprocess server in WSRR?
2.How are the actual artifacts seen and how are they stored?
3.How WSRR interacts with websphere ESB/WMQ and how the artifacts stored in WSRR can be shown in ESB/MQ/WSProcess Server?
4.Can a WSRR be coupled with MuleESB or any other esbs,as a part of repository federation?

Can anyone help me on this?
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    Re: WSRR with Websphere ESB

    Here are some links to clear your doubts

    Any ESB product(IBM or open source) can communicate with WSRR via the REST/SOAP API's. A lot of the IBM products have out of the box capability of interfacing with WSRR with minimal configuration