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Pinned topic The Database Function in IEM MDM.

‏2012-10-29T09:14:53Z |
I am currently furnishing the database details to the customer and would like to know besides storing the configuration files, what else does the database do in the MDM solution?

Appreciate the help.

Here are some of the requested details required, if applicable :

1) including purpose of the database, definition, and data management issues (if any).
2) Include illustrations of database design structure, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Dictionary, etc.
3) File type, formats, structure and data owners can be attached with this document as appendix.
4) List down the data directories, libraries and files. Explain the naming conventions used to label these directories, libraries and files.
5) List down the database names / instance name, table spaces, table names, etc.
6) Also discuss the database backup and recovery strategies in order to ensure data reliability and integrity.>
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