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Pinned topic Getting exception while installing ear file on unix system

‏2012-10-29T07:24:07Z |
Hi All,
I developed the module for WPS v6.2 Outbound email adapter and on local it is working perfectly fine.But as soon as I installed the ear file on the development environment(clustered environment build on unix),it started throwing the below exception.
10/28/12 4:51:57:370 CDT 00000062 EMARA001 I createManagedConnection CWYBS0497E: The Resource Bundle using Locale en_US cannot be loaded.
10/28/12 4:51:57:531 CDT 00000062 EMARA001 I execute CWYBS0497E: The Resource Bundle using Loc
ale en_US cannot be loaded.

Please help.It's really urgent!!!!!
Thanks and regards,
Parul Saxena