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Pinned topic Feature : service registration in liberty V85 Next alfa

‏2012-10-29T06:58:24Z |

I am using liberty v85 Next alfa extending Liberty profile feature. feature services are not visible in OSGI application.
Below is my file

Manifest-Version: 1.0
IBM-Short-Name: ibos
IBM-API-Package: com.mycomp.api;type="third-party"
IBM-Feature-Version: 2
Subsystem-SymbolicName: ibos;visibility=public
IBM-API-Service: com.mycomp.api.IPlugin;service=service;service.ranking=0
Subsystem-Type: osgi.subsystem.feature
Subsystem-ManifestVersion: 1.0
Subsystem-Content: com.mycomp.api;version="1.0.0", com.mycomp.service;version="1.0.0"

with above mf file, registered Iplugin service is not available in application.
another observation is if I remove, service attribute (i.e IBM-API-Service: com.mycomp.api.IPlugin;service.ranking=0) then three services are registering. Please check this behaviour.

what i am looking is, register a service as part of feature, and using the service reference in OSGI application.