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‏2012-10-29T05:09:31Z |

I am trying to use File manager to view/edit files.
But its currently not installed in RDz.
Could you pelase tell me how to setup FM in RDz 8.3._ ?

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    Re: File manager Setup

    In V8.0.3 the File Manager integration has been marked as deprecated, although it is still supported.
    At this version you can use the FM integration that comes with the product or install the IBM File Manager Plug-in for Eclipse.
    If you want to use the FMi that comes with the product, you need to install in the RDz Client this feature (I don't remember which is the name in that version) and make some changes in the Server (zOS). From File Manager for zOS you need to start a FMSERVER task and from RSE point of view you need to customize the USS file according to the values used in the FMSERVER task.

    If you download the IBM File Manager Plug-in for Eclipse you will need the same customization task in the mainframe for File Manager, and for installing the plug-in in your RDz depends on what FM version (11 or 12) you are running.
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    Re: File manager Setup

    If you decide to opt for installing the Installation Manager version of the FM plugin, you can download it from

    However, I noticed the following prerequisites though:

    One of the following Eclipse-based platforms:
    IBM CICS Explorer (for Windows) V1.1.1, or later
    IBM IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development V2.1.1.2, or later
    IBM Rational Developer for System z (for Windows only) V8.5

    Let me know if you have additional questions.