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Pinned topic what is the prefered developing platform for WORKLIGHT

‏2012-10-29T04:06:27Z |
hi dear worklight team,
can i ask ,
is MAC the best option? since all IOS apps require xcode to compile,if people want to use WL to wrap an IOS app.
but how about other linux systems, such as ubuntu?
I think if people develop WL app on buntu, eventually they will need to set up the same WL environment on the mac machine,and they should keep and maintain the same WL version on different platforms.
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    Re: what is the prefered developing platform for WORKLIGHT

    You can develop your application on either Windows, Linux or Mac, but yes, at the end you will need to switch to the Mac in order to compile the project in Xcode, so if you have a Mac that you can use for development, I would recommend to use it. Having everything (Worklight Server, Eclipse, Xcode, database, etc...) in one machine would certainly make things simpler. If you choose so.

    That said, you don't need to setup your environment twice, as "all you need" from the Mac is compile the project in Xcode, but... see the above. :)

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