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Pinned topic What is the explicit access policy required for the CLI copy command

‏2012-10-28T17:08:14Z |

I want to grant a certain user (via a role) copy command permission not more, e.g.

copy temporary:///internal-state.txt scp://

I got everything working using the following policy: */*/*?Access=r+a but prefer not having to add the 'a' on all resources. So far I could not figure out for which resource in specific the 'add' is needed. The RBM trace did not reveal it either. How to I find out for which resource in specific the 'a' permission is needed. If I remove the 'a' then I receive % Access Denied - use 'cancel' to exit any submode, so it is really the 'add' permission required but I have no clue for which resource.

Any hints and tips are welcome
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