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Pinned topic TM1 cube view data loading into Oracle table

‏2012-10-27T09:24:47Z |
I have tried loading cube view data to oracle table,for this I have created a table with dimension in the cube with additional column for values.I have written ODBC functions and successfully loaded.
I am trying with another scenerio, I have taken EMP table in oracle and loaded into TM1, but when mapping EMP table to TM1, i have created only two dimensions one is EMPNO and another is EMP_Measures, in which another EMPNO column in table maps as data under EMP_Measures, data loaded with TI error, but TI process was not successful.
But now when I want load cube view data back to table, i am getting an error in TI like executing sql statement.
My understanding is now here in TM1 i have only two dimension but in Table it has seven columns how to map TM1 data to Oracle in this scenerio.
Please help me.

Thank you
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    Re: TM1 cube view data loading into Oracle table

    If you have 2 columns in source but multiple columns in target, think about how will you fill up the remaining columns. Forget TM1, think a general scenario. Either you'd need combinations of the remaining columns or you can update the same value to all combinations using an Update statement in sql.