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Pinned topic Passing parameter from Web Content Viewer jsr286 to WEF jsr286 portlet

‏2012-10-26T20:51:40Z |
I have one simple requirement of how to pass one or two parameters from web content viewer(WCV) JSR 286 portlet to another portal page with portlet factory JSR 286 portlet (No web content viewer portlet).
Please provide me suggestion for this inter portlet communication between WCV to WEF portlet.
Requirement is as follows:
WCM portlet has content with two input field one pre defined selection box and second text field and one button to calculate. So when this calculate button is clicked i need to send this two parameters to another portal page where application portlet lies which require this parameter as input to function.

Any ideas are welcome.

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    Re: Passing parameter from Web Content Viewer jsr286 to WEF jsr286 portlet

    There is a correction on my question.

    I dont want to perform inter portlet communication between Web Content viewer portlet to JSR 286 portlet (WEF portlet or Java). Which i think is not possible. The use case is as follows:
    1. Click one link "Open Account" in a content displaying in WCM rendering portlet.
    2. Jump to another portal page having open account form portlet (made by java or WEF).
    3. Form is profiled based on type of account passed as linkid from open account link click in WCV.
    One option which i think is create JSP component for this link in WCV and write scriplet of portlet url generation and pass parameter.
    or other option to use portal page parameter "param.share.scope"..

    i dont have any idea is it going to help or there is another way to achieve this. Please comment.