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Pinned topic Recovering Password: DS5020 subsystem

‏2012-10-26T17:27:44Z |
I have a ds5020 disk subsystem type: 1814 model: 20A S/N: 78K0RWC and Firmware:
Days ago we lost the administrator password.
I was looking for help and found this link:

It says: "The procedure to reset the password from the either the rlogin or serial port shell is as follows:

1. Log into the controller shell.
2. Type the following command:
isp clearSYMbolPassword"

But I don't have rlogin access to access because the connection is rejected by the controller.

How can I enable the rlogin access? Otherwise, how is the best way to reset the password?

Thank you in advanced
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    Re: Recovering Password: DS5020 subsystem


    First message is correct. please log a call with your hardware support team.