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Pinned topic Dynamically linking a traditional COBOL from an OOCOBOL wrapper.

‏2012-10-26T11:41:36Z |
Hi all,

I am trying to dynamically CALL a (traditional) COBOL program from a Java one in z/OS batch, but it doesn't work: I get a JVM dump.

First I've written an OOCOBOL class to be invoked from the Java program and, as an OOCOBOL program cann't dynamically CALL a traditional COBOL program, I've statically linked the corresponding OOCOBOL DLL with another COBOL program which, in turn, dynamically CALLs the target COBOL program.

Therefore, there are the following elements:
  • A first Java class and another auxiliary Java class, derived from the OOCOBOL adapter.
  • A DLL, where the OOCOBOL program code and another traditional, almost empty, COBOL program are linked together. This COBOL program is the one which dynamically CALLs the target COBOL program. This DLL is placed in LIBPATH.
  • The target COBOL program, which is placed in a PDS in STEPLIB.

I've been unable to find any good documentation on how to do this and I wonder whether it is somehow possible.

Any help will be appreciated.
Many thanks.