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Pinned topic Recommended RAID types for External SSD

‏2012-10-26T02:04:45Z |
Hello Guys,

I am thinking to introduce external SSD mdisks to an SVC mdiskgroup which already have RAID-5 arrays.

The question is what is recommended RAID array level for external SSD mdisks ? SVC best practices Redbook only talks about internal SSD arrays ( RAID0 and RAID1 ) but nothing mentioned about external SSD arrays?

Please guide.

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    Re: Recommended RAID types for External SSD

    Hello John

    I would always choose RAID1 for SSD, internal or external.
    SSD are not the best related to reliability, so the best way to minimize the risk is RAID1.
    I confingured serveral RAID1 with just 2 SSD, so that I have the flexibility to use Easy Tier with several Storage Pools or to add or remove individual SSD-mdisk if I wish to do so.

    Best reagards,