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Pinned topic MQCIH.Format MQRC 2110

‏2012-10-25T23:54:46Z |

We are interfacing a windows .net C# application to z/OS CICS thru MQ using the CICS/MQ bridge. Our ADS transactions (TD) work fine setting the MQCIH.ADSDescriptor value to MQCADSD_SEND + MQCADSD_RECV + MQCADSD_MSGFORMAT and the MQCIH.Format value to CSQCBDCI.

The problem we are having is using the retrieve vector. Our Mainframe application issues an EXEC CICS START for a new transaction data (SD). We get a 2110 format error.

Does anyone know how to set up the CIH and other vectors so that the CICS/MQ bridge converts the RETRIEVE data properly?