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Pinned topic Finding WAS JVM properties and Server Properties in VCE.

‏2012-10-25T19:09:09Z |
Hello all,
We are trying to compare WAS (6.1, 7.0) environments to each other , the comparison list is long

But when I compare 'ServerCluster' entries, I noted that I can not find the following information

  • JVM properties like Heap Min MAX, Command line args , GC Verbose flagts, etc.
  • WebContainer settings, specially Transport Chains.
  • User role Mappings.

Also the comparison did not run on the JDBC provider elements connected , but the Hierarchy Diagram did show the JDBC providers and sources connected, do I need to separately compare the JDBC resources or is there a way when launching 'compare' to do 'deep dive' compare ?

I appreciate your help.


Ahmed K.