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Pinned topic WebSphere eXtreme Scale vs. WebSphere DataPower XC10

‏2012-10-25T14:03:36Z |
I was exploring the family of caching products provided by WebSphere and wanted to confirm my understanding on the basic difference between WebSphere eXtreme Scale & WebSphere DataPower XC10. Please help.

The basic difference between the two products is the management of cached data.
WebSphere eXtreme Scale builds in-memory-data-grids using JVMs. The data is available in the JVM-memory/server-RAM. The eXtreme scale software takes care of processing, partitioning, replication & management of application data across hundreds of servers. This product is more suited at composite business process services layer which might invoke a set of fine-grained services and aggregate their responses. For a composite service scenario, the grid client will use the eXtreme Scale capabilities which will look out for appropriate cache-partition of data on the servers and return the result from the cache. The business service does not need to know the location of various data-partitions.

DataPower XC10 appliance stores cached data in the appliance and each appliance can host a particular data-partition. It is used as a typical data-oriented, simplified elastic caching solution and the business application needs to know, for the data it wants to retrieve, the exact location of the data-partition being supported by a specific appliance. This appliance is more suited at fine-grained Services layer.