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Pinned topic GCM Push and PushBackendEmulator

‏2012-10-25T13:16:19Z |
Running WL Fix pack 3 on the server and studio.

For the local dev environment, there is a command-line utility PushBackendEmulator to trigger notification messages. We have heard that if the server URL within it is updated, it can be used to trigger messages to any server environment as well. I checked but couldn't find any config file/parameter present in the .jar file to make this change.
How can that be done?

Alternatively, is a .jar available that we can use to trigger push messages to a remote WL Server?

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    Re: GSM Push and PushBackendEmulator


    The jar provided in the sample module is used to simulate push notification submission by a back end. This is provided as material for educational purposes to allow the user to see how push notifications work on the device. The server address in this jar is hard coded to be "http://localhost", but you can change the port number by updating the <serverPort> variable when running the jar as seen below:

    java –jar PushBackendEmulator.jar <userId> <notificationText> <serverPort>

    There is no configuration in order to change the server address for the jar provided in the sample.