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Pinned topic Can EM for MDM do automatic removal of blacklisted applications?

‏2012-10-25T07:58:21Z |
we would like to control Android and iOS mobile devices in a way that blacklisted applications are automatically removed without the user interaction/intervention, and that blacklisted apps cannot be installed on a device controled by EM for MDM.

Is that feature supported by EM for MDM? Is it possible to have this functionality (I know there may be some chalenges with this functionalities related to Android and Apple iOS security stuff)

thanks in advance, I
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    Re: Can EM for MDM do automatic removal of blacklisted applications?

    ‏2012-10-25T16:01:50Z  in response to ilackic
    Vanilla Android doesn't let MDM applications enforce this kind of restrictions but some manufacturers have added proprietary extensions to overcome this limitation.

    In the 1.3 release of the Android agent we are going to support application blacklisting - preventing users from installing or uninstalling certain applications - in Samsung devices. In the future we're planning to extend this functionality to other platforms.