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‏2012-10-25T07:47:47Z |
we have a stored procedure in Informix, and we do the integration from Java code, passing the params:

The function "sp_acc_reg_envio_realiz" has as input arguments
• List NIF; SET (acc_nif NOT NULL)
• Shipping Date; DATE
• Call; DECIMAL (3,0)

The problem we have in the first field, do not know if we can pass from one java code type SET acc_nif

From informix, own call is executed as follows:

sp_acc_reg_envio_realiz function execute (SET {row ('12345678Z ') :: acc_nif, row ('73197162F') :: acc_nif}, today, 1);

Operating properly.

Please someone can help us. Thank you.

Best, regards.