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Pinned topic ISAv41: Error with launching help

‏2012-10-25T07:39:39Z |
My ISAv41 configuration is the following:

eclipse.buildId=20100911-1200 java.fullversion=J2RE 1.6.0 IBM J9 2.4 Windows XP x86-32 jvmwi3260ifx-20090128_28959 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled) J9VM - 20090128_028959_lHdSMr JIT  - r9_20080415_1520ifx7 GC   - 20080415_AA BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=el_GR Framework arguments:  -plugincustomization C:/Program Files/IBM/ISAv41/rcp/plugin_customization.ini -product Command-line arguments:  -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86 -data C:/_MyDocuments/ISAv41/e36520 -plugincustomization C:/Program Files/IBM/ISAv41/rcp/plugin_customization.ini -product

When I try to launch the help webapp from ISAv41, the following exception occurs.
Any ideas ?

Uncaught service() exception thrown by servlet 
}([/advanced/content.jsp, javax.servlet.ServletException: org/eclipse/help/internal/base/HelpDisplay.getHrefOpenedFromHelpDisplay()Ljava/lang/String;]) javax.servlet.ServletException: org/eclipse/help/internal/base/HelpDisplay.getHrefOpenedFromHelpDisplay()Ljava/lang/String; at org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.handlePageException( at _ibmjsp.advanced._content._jspService( at at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at$
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  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: ISAv41: Error with launching help

    ‏2012-10-25T08:11:08Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    One small detail that I neglected to mention is that the specific issue occurs when I launch Help from the "Tools Catalog".
    When I launch Help from the menu (Help > Help contents), everything works as expected.
    • meli
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      Re: ISAv41: Error with launching help

      ‏2012-10-25T21:29:52Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Yes, this is a known issue. We should have a fix available within the next week or so.
      The work around is to open the Help from the Help Menu and then navigate to the tools help you need.

      Henri Meli
  • RickyHolcomb
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    Re: ISAv41: Error with launching help

    ‏2012-11-08T18:15:32Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    We now have a fix available for the issue with launching help in IBM Support Assistant V4.1.3 Workbench.

    A defect was introduced into the IBM Support Assistant V4.1.3 Workbench fix pack, that caused access to the Help system to throw an HTTP 500 error, when launched from an installed tool. The IBM Support Assistant V4.1.4 Workbench fix pack resolves this issue.

    How to resolving this issue:
    4.1.3 users, the update will begin at start-up automatically if you have your Updater Preferences set to find updates each time the IBM Support Assistant V4.1.2 Workbench is started. Otherwise you can apply the fix pack by starting the IBM Support Assistant Workbench and going to Update > Find Updates to Add-ons. When the list of updates is returned, select the IBM Support Assistant Platform Feature. The entire fix pack will be installed and you will be prompted to restart IBM Support Assistant twice. Once IBM Support Assistant is restarted the second time, you will have all the fixes installed and will be running IBM Support Assistant V4.1.4. You can validate that your installation succeeded by going to Help -> About IBM Support Assistant Workbench. The version should show