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Pinned topic adapter inside the adapter issue

‏2012-10-25T07:38:11Z |
I am using OpenFNApp sample project and i am using adapter inside adapter. I have one adapter named AuthenticationAdapter inside that i want to call another adapter which is validating user and password from rest api

function submitAuthentication(username, password) 
{ WL.Client.invokeProcedure(invocationData,
{ adapter : 
'UserAuthenticationApi', procedure : 
'GetUserStatus', parameters : [ username, password ], 

but when i am running this code , it is giving error

An error occurred while invoking procedure AuthenticationAdapter/submitAuthentication parameters: {
"arr": [
TypeError: Cannot call method "invokeProcedure" of undefined (G%3A%5Cvishal%5CHDownLoadC%5COFNProjectSampleCode%5COFNProjectSampleCode%5COFNProject%5COFNProject%5Cadapters%5CAuthenticationAdapter/AuthenticationAdapter-impl.js#53)
Caused by: null
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    Re: adapter inside the adapter issue

    Try to use WL.Server.invokeProcedure:

    WL.Server.invokeProcedure (invocationData) {
    adapter : "adapter-name",
    procedure : "procedure-name",
    parameters : [],