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Pinned topic Unable to fetch(Select) record from DB

‏2012-10-25T02:30:21Z |
AIX 6.1
Portal 6.1.5
DB Oracle 10g
DB Driver Oracle 11g Drivers.
Connection method: Datasource
Hibernate 3
Spring 2.2.5

Recently we have migrated from Portal 6.0 to 6.1. During migration we have installed same portlet web-applications on newly 6.1 setup server.
Applications/Portlets are loading successfully but when it comes to DB. Application is unable to read record from DB i.e All select statements are failing. I can see Select statement in logs but there is not result.
At the same time on same application if I add new record or update it working fine.
All Select/Update/Add are using same common hibernate,Spring or Common configurations. Same application on old Portal 6.0 is working fine without any issue.

Any idea where possibly it could be an issue. Does anybody is having same issue.