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Pinned topic JDBC Publisher disconnected?

‏2012-10-24T15:00:47Z |
Hi group,
we noticed, there were no more TSAMP-events published by our configured JDBCPublisher from one Domain (17nodes) and I couldn't find any error messages in my known logfiles.
After I disabled and enabled the publisher on each system, I got my events in the remote DB2 again.

My first question is, wether there is something like a logfile of the transfered events?
My second: DB2 is currently running, but what happend, when the DB2 was temporarily complete down. Will the JDBCPublish reconnect?

Does somebody has more information?

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    Re: JDBC Publisher disconnected?


    to your first question:
    there is a trace file of the JDBC publisher:
    Go to /var/ct/IW/log/mc/IBM.RecoveryRM.
    File is called:
    Do a
    rpttr JDBCPublisher.trace> filename

    to your 2nd question:
    The JDBC publisher will collect up to a 1000 events and constantly try to reconnect to the DB. As soon as the DB is available, it will try to bulk load all the events (in reasonable chunks) into the DB. If more than 999 events arise during the DB outage, the JDBC publisher will remember 1 more event - one indicating that the publishing stopped , and then discard all other events. In a report, you would see this as a period of time without reporting data available.

    Hope this helps!
    Regards, Isabell