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Pinned topic How to change the network configuration

‏2012-10-24T13:36:46Z |
I am new to AIX and I have to run the commands below on the VIO to change the parameters of the network cards to fix a problem:

  1. Chdev-l ent7-A = in chksum_offload
  2. Chdev-l-ent7 the max_buf_medium it min_buf_medium = 512 = 256
  3. Chdev-l-ent7 the max_buf_large 128 = 64-a = min_buf_large
  4. Chdev-l-ent7 the max_buf_huge 128 = 48-a = min_buf_huge
  5. Chdev-l-ent7 the max_buf_small it min_buf_small = 4096 = 1024
  6. Chdev-l-ent7 the max_buf_tiny it min_buf_tiny = 4096 = 1024

  1. Chdev-l-ent0 in the large_send =
  2. Chdev-l-ent0 the media_speed-P = 1000_Full_Duplex

  1. Chdev-l-ent1 in the large_send =
  2. Chdev-l-ent1 the media_speed-P = 1000_Full_Duplex

  1. Chdev-l-ent2 in the large_send =
  2. Chdev-l-ent2 the media_speed-P = 1000_Full_Duplex

  1. Chdev-l-ent3 in the large_send =
  2. Chdev-l-ent3 the media_speed-P = 1000_Full_Duplex

My doubt is: These cards are part of a shared network adapter. To execute the procedure above, I really must undo
this setup or can I just use the following procedure:

  1. Ifconfig down enxx

Change the parameters with chdev

  1. Ifconfig enxx up

Is this possible or do I really undo the shared configuration?
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    Re: How to change the network configuration

    ‏2012-11-30T19:34:44Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Hi there,

    This link may help you: