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Pinned topic Error while Running the BIL on IIS8.1

‏2012-10-24T06:45:41Z | mdm-migration
As part of Initial Load using BIL on IIS8.1 we are running into error while executing the datastage jobs. Recommended release notes mentions II8.5 however it has been confirmed that we can run these on IIS8.1 as well. We have been able to successfully import the BIL jobs and compiled successfully with the configurations setup. However while running a PERSON.SIF file,the error log indicates some fields in the shared container are missing. Seems as if the shared container looks for other SIF files such as ALERT.SIF, CONTACTREL.SIF, IDENTIFIER.SIF etc. Is there any configuration for running specific files?
We also tried an alternate way where we provided the PERSON.SIF with data populated and all the other SIF files as empty. But the same error persist.

Please help