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‏2012-10-24T03:25:23Z |
We have been working with an x3650 (7979-AC1) which has been hanging intermittently. We updated the firmware on the server yesterday but unfortunately the symptom recurred today. There are no error conditions visible on the server and physically all looks well once the server is rebooted. The latest DSA output shows all five drives in the server with the status:

"The drive with serial number XXXXXXXX was previously marked defunct. It is recommended to remove this drive from the system."

Is there anything that could cause all of the disks in the machine to log this problem or should we go ahead and change all of the drives? The fw on the 8k raid controller is 1 step back and we will be updating asap.
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    Re: x3650 Hanging

    Problem turned out to be the planar