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Pinned topic Static gateway setting is being overridden by DHCP value

‏2012-10-24T01:21:19Z |
I am having an issue with static gateway settings:

1) Set host to static IP, with gateway =
2) Boot the host with PXE
3) During PXE boot, DHCP assigns a gateway value of
4) Check the host IP setting, its gateway is set to
I'd like the gateway setting to stay as, is there some way to do this?

I am using TPMfOSD, thanks in advance...
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    Re: Static gateway setting is being overridden by DHCP value

    if you specified the gateway setting in target details, they will be taken into account only during a deploy nad only if the OS configuration being deployed is set to consider networks target settings.
    It is not a problem that at bare metal boot, if I understood correctly your scenario, gateway settings is inherited by DHCP; it is important instead to check the network settings at the end of a deployment of the OS configuration. Does it match your expectations?

    Michele Tomassi