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Pinned topic Scanning of web apps made in Lotus Domino XPages

‏2012-10-23T21:52:58Z |

Is AppScan Standard able to find vulnerabilities in Web applications developed in Lotus Domino XPages? I've read that AppScan covers JavaScript in web pages, but I'm not sure if that's related with Web apps made in XPages...
Thank you!
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    Re: Scanning of web apps made in Lotus Domino XPages

    ‏2012-10-24T14:25:54Z  in response to Camilo_Delgado
    Hi Camilo,

    AppScan Standard should be able to scan Lotus Domino XPages as according to the below wiki page "For the user interface, XPages focus on the web development standards HTML, CSS and JavaScript"

    Since AppScan Standard can handle all these standards, you should be able to use AppScan Standard to test for vulnerabilities. Depending on the site you are scanning, you may need to perform some Manual Exploring to get complete coverage.