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‏2012-10-23T18:04:21Z |
Currently when I do not use a certain element I have it set to pad to zero if it is a numeric field and pad to spaces if it is a alphanumeric field. What I would like to have is the following:

* If the group containing the elements is entirely empty, pad every field to spaces whether they are numeric or alphanumeric.

* If the group is in use and has even one element used, then use the current padding method I described at the beginning.

So I guess it will really only matter for numeric output. In summary, if I have a numeric element that is in an unused group, then I want it to be padded to spaces, but if the same element is in a group that is used, I would like the element padded to zeros if the element is empty.

Does anyone have any idea how I can accomplish this?
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    Re: Conditional padding?

    Self solved.

    I was able to get this working by adjusting the range on my groups in my output type tree from (1:1) to (0:s).