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Pinned topic ryo example for pool usage?

‏2012-10-23T14:18:37Z |
Hello there (esp. Nigel),

I'm trying to do some basic pool monitoring for both system shared pool (pool no 0) and "my" shared pool (any other pool no. if lpar is not in pool no. 0)
and want a command line tool to report pool sizes and pool usage.
Both values for both types of pools are available via libperfstat in perfstat_cpu_total and perfstat_partition_total.
Surprisingly all those values constantly grow, there is no CPU "equivalent" like x cpus used of y in pool. It looks like the way if doing things works with timebase_last and calculating differences and such,
but I could not figure out a big picture behind this.

Is there any (usable) information available? Maybe some demo code too?

Any help appreciated :-)
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  • puvichakravarthy
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    Re: ryo example for pool usage?

    ‏2012-11-01T17:34:20Z  in response to armink
    You might want to try perfstat_processor_pool_util( ) api which was added in recent release in the perfstat library.
    • armink
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      Re: ryo example for pool usage?

      ‏2012-11-02T10:16:06Z  in response to puvichakravarthy
      Thanks for the information. This looks promising... but unfortunately perfstat_processor_pool_util seems only to be available in AIX 7.1.
      It's not defined in libperfstat.h of AIX 6.1 TL7 SP5 :-(