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Pinned topic Unable to run gcc due to not locating gcc demangler

‏2012-10-23T13:38:49Z |

I am giving the following command

$ purify gcc ABC.c

Purify or PureCoverage engine: Warning: Could not locate gcc demangler
"c++filt" in gcc install directory /usr/bin/../../opt/freeware/bin/.
When gcc/g++ 3.x compilers are used, purify or purecov requires an external
demangler, inorder to show function names correctly. You can specify
the demangler using -demangle-program option or create a link to the
demangler with the name c++filt .
Purify 120911 AIX (32-bit L) (C) Copyright IBM Corporation. 1992, 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Instrumenting: a.out.
Instrumented a.out is a.out.

$ ./a.out
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

How to run the purify command using gcc compiler on AIX machine.Also how to see the results ? One more thing I am using putty to execute these commands.