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‏2012-10-23T07:52:35Z |
Hi All,

I wanna ask about ldap authentication for file sharing (CIFS) in storwize V7000 unified. I try to connecting IBM V7000 unified with my ldap linux server but it is always failed. This is my step,

  • Bind to ldap server, dn it is success (but i confuse in domain section, what should i fill?)
  • In my ldap server, it is create samba domain automatically (samba domain name same with storwize host name)
  • I create user in ldap server, example uid=johndoe and i set the password, mapping this user to samba domain
  • Storwize can recognize my user when i set permission share (i put "johndoe" name, storwize automatically change the format into DOMAIN\johndoe)

But when i try to mount from linux using mount.cifs or smbfs it's always failed to mount. The same thing happens when i try access the CIFS shares from windows, when authentication dialog box appear and i put johndoe as username and using the correct password it's always failed(the dialog box appear again, indicating login failure).
My assumption my username already recognize in storwize v7000 but i don't know why i can't open my share through network and i really sure my username and password is correct.

Anybody have a experience with connecting IBM Storwize V7000 unified with ldap server linux?,,Kindly advice from anybody who have a experience in storwize unified. Thank you before...
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    Did you try with another user ?

    Users with the same username from different organizational units in the LDAP server are denied access to CIFS shares without regard to the LDAP User Suffix and LDAP Group suffix values configured on the system.