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‏2012-10-23T02:12:40Z |
Is it possible to put a host in multiple host groups with a DS4800? For instance, I have two Host Groups that are VMWare clusters, and I'm looking at assigning a single server access to both groups for LAN-free backups. Is this possible?
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    Re: DS4800 Host in Multiple Host Groups


    it is not possible to use one host-definition in two host groups. You can define a LUN mapping to the whole host group or to just one host in this host group, so that you are able to to thinks like "LUN01 should be seen only from HOSTA, but not from HOSTB, but LUN02 should be seen from both".

    I think you have two VMWare system with seperate LUNs on one DSXXX and you want that a other server should be able see all volumes from both VMWare systems without mixing it from the VMWare view. If this is right maybe this will work( but i never tried it):
    The host-definition repesents HBAs. So if you split the HBAs from this physical server into two seperate host-definitions you are able to define two Storage Manager hosts, which can be used in two host groups.

    server01_hba01 in HOSTGROUP01 as host server01hba01
    server01_hba02 in HOSTGROUP02 as host server01hba02

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