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Pinned topic Announce availability of IBM Support Assistant 5.0 Team Server Beta 2

‏2012-10-22T15:34:46Z |
We are pleased to announce the availability of IBM Support Assistant 5.0 Team Server Beta 2.

New key features are introduced in the Beta 2 over the Beta 1 release like automated data analysis. Now automatically analyze your case files to search for symptoms such as errors and exceptions. A new Overview tab contains information found in the analyzed files to give you a quick snapshot of your environment such as the operating system, product versions, server names, trace settings, and other key information.

A new Symptoms tab that displays the symptoms found in the files for your cases, ranked in order of probable relevance. With this new view, you can quickly search for symptoms related to the problem that you are investigating. A Global Knowledge Base Matches tab displays potential solutions for the symptoms identified during the analysis of your case files. In this view you can quickly identify Technical Documents, APARs and Fix Packs that address symptoms found during the automated analysis.

Also in this release IBM Support Assistant, is now installed with IBM Installation Manager. With this new installation, you can easily install, apply additional add-ons, updates or download an optional EAR file for deployment into your existing WebSphere Application Server.

To learn more about this exciting new Beta, please visit:

We hope you Enjoy!