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Pinned topic Best structure for DB2 database directories

‏2012-10-22T11:57:03Z |
With DB2 9.7 and automatic storage, what is the preferred approach to creating the direcory structure for databases in a DEV environment. Example, with 3 dbs - mydb1, mydb2 & mydb3.

Now if I create them, say on the E: drive, using default approach you get
E:\DB2\NODE0000 and then under that a folder for each database.

If I create 3 folders (E:\mydb1, E:\mydb2 & E:\mydb3) then I will get E\mydb1\DB2\Node0000\mydb1.

The first option keeps things all together, but if a drop fails and you have to cleanup folders, then its hard as you may not know which of the SQL folders goes with each database.

The second option keeps files seperate, but a clumsy directory structure.

What suggestions are there from those that have had some experience with managing several (>7) databases on a server with multiple drives?