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Pinned topic Sieble webservice exception SBL-EXL-00144

‏2012-10-22T10:40:49Z |
We are calling siebel webservice(Jax-RPC binding) in Mediation Module.
when we testing One fo the operation ,getting below error....

The property set does not have any children.(SBL-EXL-00144)</siebelf:errormsg></siebelf:error><siebelf:error><siebelf:errorcode>SBL-SCR-00141</siebelf:errorcode><siebelf:errorsymbol/><siebelf:errormsg>!Error: SiebelError: Call to PropertySet.GetChild() failed. The property set does not have any children.(SBL-EXL-00144)
Error near no filename:55 GetChild().
When we testing through SOUPUI..we are getting success response..

But we are getting above exception when we testing from webservice import

please provide suggestion to fix this problem...
thanks in advance

WID 7.5 envirment
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    Re: Sieble webservice exception SBL-EXL-00144

    I would use the TCP/IP monitor in WID to view what data you are sending to Siebel.

    See the info at the bottom of this article