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Pinned topic What is next step after finding SQL statements with failing transactions?

‏2012-10-22T07:02:18Z |
We're using OPM 5.0.1 to monitor the back-end dbs for a product we support. The Connections Dashboard is showing an SQL statement with a high rate of failing transactions. What's the best way to analyze this situation and determine what's causing the failures? I looked in the db2diag and other log files but not seeing where I can find a sql code or other error information.

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    Re: What is next step after finding SQL statements with failing transactions?

    I assume that you mean that you see a connection with a lot of failing transaction and not an SQL statement, correct ?
    'Failing transactions' just counts the number of application rollbacks executed by the application connection and internal rollbacks executed by DB2 on behalf of this connection.
    Does this connection is involved in a log of deadlocks or timeouts ? Then some of the rollbacks are coming from the deadlocks or timeouts.
    Otherwise you may have to check the application code directly if possible whether it executes some ROLLBACK statements. If not then you could start a statement event monitor for this connection. This is outside from OPM. It would show you the transactions doing rollback and also failed statements.
    If you have OPM Extended Insight setup for this application then you would see the number of failed statements and the first returncode of a failed statement as well.
    Ute Baumbach