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Pinned topic WASCE 3.0: Adding an Oracle 10g database pool

‏2012-10-21T21:09:44Z |

I want use the new version of WASEC 3.0 now and use it with oracle data base 10g but I have a difficult to find
the documentation which allow me to install and configure ojdbc14.jar or ojdbc6.jar into WASCE 3.0.

Thanks for your help!

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    Re: WASCE 3.0: Adding an Oracle 10g database pool


    For WASCE 3.0, you can start the server and login to the admin console.
    The Repository Viewer portlet is available by selecting Resources > Repository on the Advanced Navigator menu on the left side.
    Then add archive to repository by install the file ojdbc14.jar or ojdbc6.jar, the below link can be a reference:

    Then you can click the entry that you just installed under "Current Repository Entries" to see the detail info.
    You can use the dependency in your deployment plan or when you create a new Datasources which also under Resources menu , you can use the installed jars by choosing it from "Driver JAR" list. The link below can be a reference: