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Pinned topic How to process xml element with attribute and value?

‏2012-10-19T20:03:38Z |
My input file is an XML file. I am trying to map the currency attribute and the amount to my output card. I have hardcoded the values and they are working, so I am pretty sure it is not a problem with my output type tree. This is my first instance of using an element with an attribute and value, so I was unsure if there is some way that these must be processed differently. The parser is seeing the values "CAD" and "1315" as the proper types, but for some reason my output is evaluating for these elements.

Before I used the Advanced support option for importing my schema, I was able to get these fields to output, but now when the extended types are included it doesn't work. I do need the extended types to map other fields in my map, so I can't just take that out. Below is the affected XML snippet if needed.

<InstructedAmount Currency="CAD">1315</InstructedAmount>

Thank you in advance!
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    Re: How to process xml element with attribute and value?

    If you are still experiencing issues, pls post a simple map and I will look at it and provide comments.