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‏2012-10-19T18:57:41Z |
*Im getting the following:::

java service level

jave: /usr/lpp/rdz/bin/ 224: FSUM7351 not found

starting RSE daemon ...

java: /usr/lpp/rdz/bin/rsed/sh 347: FSUM7351 not found

RSE daemon ended -- return code 127.

I have seen others with similar problems
Heres what I have already done:
  • HFS is mounted
  • Path is correct
  • JAVA_HOME is configured correctly

Not certain others have indicated the connection with rDZ works once the box is rebooted. So the task may work initially then fail. Is there something that would cause this? Could something be corrupted? Im just an intern trying to find some solutions! Any help would be appreciated!
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  • RDzJohn
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    Re: rsed FSUM7351

    Please queue this question to the RDz forum You'll likely get a much quicker answer there.

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    Re: rsed FSUM7351

    This error has to deal with a wrong PATH, where the java cannot be found.
    So please check your rsed.envvars you are using. Look for the JAVA_HOME environment variable and check it's value, checking that the content exists, like in the example


    where /usr/lpp/java/J6.0 should be accesible and contain a bin directory and under this directory you should have the java programs.
    Please check both, that the environment variable is set and the JAVA_HOME contents can be accessible and you have a bin directory (the PATH is set to this folder $JAVA_HOME/bin) where the Java Programs reside.