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Pinned topic TSM Newbie issue with "pct logical = 100.0"

‏2012-10-19T16:53:31Z |
Hi all!

Here's my small problem...

I have just installed my server and 1 client. I have a CentOS 6.3 with TSM Server 6.3. My client is a Windows 2008 R2 with the TSM client on it.
My backup device is a IBM TS3100 with a autochanger and the barcode reader. Everything is working like a charm

The Library currently have only 5 tapes (LTO5) which I have added to a pool called LTO_POOL_01.

I ran a test backup from the Windows client, selecting only 2 files. One really small (1kb) and another a little bigger (500mb).

Today I wanted to run another backup, but this time a little bigger to check the time it will take and stuff like that, but I realized that the backup fails stating that the Pct Logical is at 100%.

What this stands for? How can I lower that percentage? I will paste some info where (hope is everything you need, and sorry for the long email)

tsm: TSM-CARP>q stg lto_pool_01 f=d

Storage Pool Name: LTO_POOL_01
Storage Pool Type: Primary
Device Class Name: LTO_CLASS_1
Estimated Capacity: 298,828 G
Space Trigger Util:
Pct Util: 0.0
Pct Migr: 1.0
Pct Logical: 100.0
High Mig Pct: 90
Low Mig Pct: 70
Migration Delay: 0
Migration Continue: Yes
Migration Processes: 1
Reclamation Processes: 1
Next Storage Pool:
Reclaim Storage Pool:
Maximum Size Threshold: No Limit
Access: Read/Write
Description: TEST
Overflow Location:
Cache Migrated Files?:
Collocate?: No
Reclamation Threshold: 60
Offsite Reclamation Limit:
Maximum Scratch Volumes Allowed: 100
Number of Scratch Volumes Used: 3
Delay Period for Volume Reuse: 0 Day(s)
Migration in Progress?: No
Amount Migrated (MB): 0.00
Elapsed Migration Time (seconds): 0
Reclamation in Progress?: No
Last Update by (administrator): TSMADMIN
Last Update Date/Time: 10/19/2012 13:28:08
Storage Pool Data Format: Native
Copy Storage Pool(s):
Active Data Pool(s):
more... (<ENTER> to continue, 'C' to cancel)

Continue Copy on Error?: Yes
CRC Data: No
Reclamation Type: Threshold
Overwrite Data when Deleted:
Deduplicate Data?: No
Processes For Identifying Duplicates:
Duplicate Data Not Stored:
Auto-copy Mode: Client
Contains Data Deduplicated by Client?: No
tsm: TSM-CARP>q vol

Volume Name Storage Device Estimated Pct Volume
Pool Name Class Name Capacity Util Status

185CFAL5 LTO_POOL_01 LTO_CLASS- 0.0 M 0.0 Empty
186CFAL5 LTO_POOL_01 LTO_CLASS- 3.0 T 0.0 Filling
187CFAL5 LTO_POOL_01 LTO_CLASS- 3.0 T 0.0 Filling
188CFAL5 LTO_POOL_01 LTO_CLASS- 0.0 M 0.0 Empty
189CFAL5 LTO_POOL_01 LTO_CLASS- 0.0 M 0.0 Empty
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance!!