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Pinned topic Audit Log Viewer In InfoSphere Information Server 8.7

‏2012-10-19T13:45:11Z |
Hello Guys,

As we know that InfoSphere Information server allows us to capture Audit Log events like user Login,User Logout, Session Timeout etc. These Audit Log files are either in XML or normal Text files.

At this point I need to have some interface where I can see these Audit Log File's Entries on webconsole.

Is there any way I can see the details for each user of infosphere Information Server tools i.e. User Name, User Login, User Logout for particular date range?


These are the sample Audit Log entries in TEXT format.

2012-09-24 11:23:41.713 EDT FINE: LOGIN (abc): UserID="abc", Client="Server client", Origin="xyz", SessionID="25DB986A-F73C-4BC6-AA02-A5CF5658271A"

2012-09-24 11:23:41.991 EDT FINE: LOGOUT (abc): UserID="abc", Client="Server client", Origin="xyz", SessionID="94BEC47C-7E3F-4350-B7CC-6AD9E535F854"

I want to see the matrix as below on webconsole for selected Date Range.

Date User Name Login Time Logout Time Session Expired Time
2012-09-24 abc 11:23:41.713 11:23:41.991 -
2012-09-24 pqr 11:54:21.232 - 11:59:11.232
Any Suggestions?