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Pinned topic db2 jdbc provider connection via javaCompute node

‏2012-10-19T12:31:39Z |
Hi everybody!
I'm new here in the forum as well as with the message broker technology.
I've got a nooby problem trying to make a simple insert into a db2 database, in localhost, from a Java Compute node.
I'm using WMQ 8.0 and db2 10.1, I've created a configurable service for the database but when I try to getJDBCType4Connection I get a nice < method:JDBCType4Connection::createXAConnection source:BIPmsgs key:6231 > exception.
I suppose there is some wrong parameter in the configurable service, my question is, is it there a command to test it and getting some more detailed output, so that I can understand if there is a wrong parameter?
Thanks in advance
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    Re: db2 jdbc provider connection via javaCompute node

    Can you post how you set up the configurable service?
    Most errors come from the fact that the connection template is being confused with a connection string.
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    Re: db2 jdbc provider connection via javaCompute node

    Open your Broker Explorer then go to Broker once you expand beneath the broker you will see execution groups and Configurable Services,
    within configurable service you can see the jdbc provider, there you can change the properties ,they are similar to any db client would require to connect to db.