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Pinned topic Help needed : how to configure logging for OSGi applications

‏2012-10-19T09:05:54Z |
Dear community,
I really need some help to enable logging and logging configuration for my OSGi applications (running on WAS 7 + FP OSGi & JPA).
I tried to use Pax Logging, but I only could print messages to stdout (redirected to my server SystemOut.log) using slf4j (provided by pax-logging-api 1.6.10).
I tried to access logging configuration using felix confadmin, but it fails before deployment due to LogService not resolved).
I looked for a solution on this forum, found some ideas, but no detailed solution.

My need is :
+ be able to dispatch log messages from my bundles to several log files (be able to configure loggers and appenders)
+ be able to know exactly where the messages com from (class, bundle (name and version),...)
+ be able to change log levels at runtime

So my question is :
can anybody provide a clear (for dummy that I am) and complete (requirements, artefacts...) description of a working solution?
Thanks a lot for your help.