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I am new to WSRR.I am using WSRR studio 7.5 and WAS have created the sample cafe baker scenario in WSRR and while trying to add groups to the user,I am not able to add any.I am not sure how to create a new group.Is there a way to create groups just like creating roles and permissions in studio?Any links or suggestions will help me.

I want to add two groups cafes and Bakers.Pls suggest me.

Also attaching a screenshot of WSRR administrative console.PLs Advice how to proceed creation groups thru the console.
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    Re: create new groups and role mappings


    Groups are not created in WSRR or in WSRR Studio. They are created in the user registry that is used by WebSphere Application Server. There are several different types of user registry that can be configured for use by WebSphere Application Server: for example, an LDAP user registry, a federated user registry (which can be configured in the WAS administration console) or a local-OS user registry. The means by which you add a new group is dependent on the type of user registry that is used.

    There some information in the WAS information center here:

    The precise steps that you'll need to follow depend on what registry is used and whether you have administrative rights to administer the registry in question.

    If you have admin rights in WAS then you can go WAs admin console -> Security -> Global Security and then check the selection under "User account repository". If you are using Federated repositories (which is the default for a new WAS install) then you add a new group in Users and Groups -> Manage Groups.