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Pinned topic Optim dir database upgrade precautions

‏2012-10-18T17:45:56Z |

We are planning to upgrade-optim dir database (DB2 version 9.1 to 9.7).

Our existing Optim directory database(“optimdev”) is on DB2 9.1- If we upgrade the database(DB2) the instance and port number will be changed so-Optim clients need to be modified to reflect these changes.

We are taking backup of exiting optimdev dir database.

Can you please suggest any other precaution measures while doing the upgrade?

Environment details:
Optim 7.2.1
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  • Nissad
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    Re: Optim dir database upgrade precautions


    Update DBMS Version for an Optim Directory

    Tasks to update DBMS version for an Optim Directory

    1. Select the Optim Directory to update and select the new DBMS version.
    2. Drop the old packages, plans, or procedures and create new ones for the Optim Directory.
    3. Update the database signature for the Optim Directory.
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  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Optim dir database upgrade precautions

    If you can keep the name of the database in the db2 catalog entry the same for all the client machines, and simply update the catalog entries with the new instance/port combo, then it should make the Optim part much easier since all your workstations simply know the Optim Directory by its connect string. Optim doesn't care that the database known on the workstation as OPTIMDIR is now pointed at a totally new database and port, just that there's a database there and hopefully it finds the directory tables and a matching signature. So follow the instructions in the Config guide as you were planning and update all the catalog entries on all your machines - don't forget all your servers as well.

    Hope it works out smoothly!