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‏2012-10-18T13:10:42Z |

our project uses DOORS 5.2 (old I know, but that's Aerospace!) and, at out request, our IT service provider rolled back a module in the database to a previous version.
It seems as though they did not perform this action correctly and the database now exhibits elements of corruption.
1. New modules cannot be created within certain sub-folders
2. The restored module displays the current baseline as 3, but is actually at version 2.4 (which is what it was rolled back to)
3. Modules cannot be copy and pasted
4. Modules cannot be purged
5. The database (including individual modules) cannot be archived (error message - 'fork failed')

Luckily I have a (relatively) recent archive of the database from a trial migration to a newer DOORS 7.1 server.
However, a number of the modules were modified within the DOORS 5.2 database subsequent to this archive (most importantly to link modules) and prior to the service provider accepting a corrupted database.

I am trying to bring the new DOORS 7.1 database up to date with the deltas between the archive and the current status of the 5.2 database. As I am unable to archive this is involving the export to CSV of the modules in 5.2, and an update to the modules in DOORS 7.1. However, this will not capture the links.

1. Is there actually any admin function that I can instruct our IT service provider to invoke that might repair the damaged databse (assuming it is something like a corruption of the file name index)? (their knowledge of DOORS is limited to walking in to them).

2. If the database is irrecoverable, is there an easy way to export the links, or will I need to create DXL attributes displaying the links within each module, export to CSV, re-import and then re-build the links in DOORS 7.1?

Any help with this archaic databse would be much appreciated!

regards, Matt
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    Re: Doors 5.2 Database Corruption Recovery

    Did you say that the folder "\m000034d4" (whatever) in the database was replaced from backup? That is your problem. You should have restored the module from an archive and then re-linked it.

    Perhaps they should have shut down the database, saved it to backup, restored from a previous backup, archived the module, shut it down, restore the saved version and restored the module.

    Not sure what is to be done about fixing it.